The Rise of the Ottoman Empire

Your Journey Continues

Well done for travelling your first 54km of your journey! So far you've learnt about the origins of the Ottoman Empire and what lead to the rise of the dynasty that spanned 625 years.

As you continue your journey, your explorations pick up in Sogut, an area where Ertugrul set up a principality for his tribe. It was from here that his son Osman and his Muslim frontier warriors (Ghazis) under his command, would go on to wage a slow and stubborn conflict against the Byzantine Empire, pushing at their frontiers and expanding Ottoman control.

It is in Sogut that the grandfather of the Ottoman Empire, Ertugrul, is buried.

As you virtually continue North West toward Istanbul from Sogut, you make your way to Iznik, which used to be knows as Nicea. Iznik is a storied town on a beautiful freshwater lake that is rich in history for both Christians and Muslims.

It is in Nicea that Catholicism was born in 325 C.E. and for the early Ottomans, Iznik, was an important Byzantine city which was conquered by Orhan Ghazi, the grandson of Ertugrul, in 1331 C.E. and for a short time became the Ottoman capital as it rose to glory.

Tomb of Ertugrul Gazi

Tomb of Ertugrul Gazi

The grounds of the tomb of Ertugrul feature fountains and gardens which are lovely to walk around

Hagia Sophia Iznik

Hagia Sophia Mosque, Iznik

This mosque was converted from a church and it is in this same church that the council of Nicea met to establish Catholicism

Iznik Tiles

Iznik Tile

This distinctive Ottoman style of pottery is known as the Iznik Cini style. Iznik ceramic tiles were used to decorate many of the mosques in Istanbul designed by the famous architect, Mimar Sinan

Iznik Lake

Lake Iznik

Iznik is an old town with routes going back to Ancient Greek times. These ancient roots showed themselves in 2014 when a 1,600-year-old basilica was found submerged off the shores of Lake Iznik

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