Rise of the Ottoman Empire

The distance you'll cover: 160km

The Journey

Ertuğrul, the hugely popular Turkish show, has seen a rise in interest in the origins of the Ottoman empire. The first Ottoman Sultan, Osman, was the son of Ertuğrul and the popular show now even has a spin off following Osman's rise to power. But how much in these shows is fact and how much is embellished fiction? 

This journey will take you on a journey from Eskişehir or “Old City”, an estimated 4000 year old city in which the roots of the Ottoman Empire lies, through a Northward journey headed towards Istanbul, the final capital city of the Ottoman Empire.

Whilst you take on your virtual journey, learn about not just the origins of the Empire, but also the global context from which it sprang from and how that context gave birth to a 625 year dynasty.

A mosque with a sunset behind.

How it works

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Once you’re all linked up, put on your trainers and grab your bike if you’re cycling, and start building up your distance travelled.

Make sure you grab your headphones before your leave, as when your registration is complete, you will receive the first of 3 emails that has your first podcast to listen to.

This podcast will take you on the 1st part of your journey and what you would see and learn if you were physically travelling this distance.

You will get the next 2 podcasts as you hit 54km and 108km in your travels.

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