Journey of the Hijaz

Your Journey begins

The route of the Hijrah

You’re about to virtually embark on the first 134km of your journey from Makkah to Madinah, a journey which millions from across the globe physically take each year as part of their Umrah or Hajj rites.  

This journey you are going on will follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakr As-Sadiq (RA), as they took on the historic hijrah journey, a journey that is considered to be a pivotal moment for Islam. 

Muslims are traditionally taught about the beginning and the end of this historic journey - the escape under the cover of darkness to the welcoming of the Prophet (PBUH) to what was then known as Yathrib, with singing and people rejoicing. 

However, the journey and its sites is one which is storied in itself, with key moments of lesser known Islamic history happening along this route of the Hijrah.

Map showing the route of the Hijrah 

As you begin your travels, we set the scene and the context that led to the hijrah, taking you through the initial moments of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) leaving Makkah and through to the journey West toward the Red Sea.

image of 1950s Makkah

1950s Makkah

Gate of Safa

Bab as-Safa

Jabal Thawr from the Ground

Mount Thawr from the ground

Entrance to the Cave of Thawr

Entrance to the Cave of Thawr

We wish you all the best with your journey and we look forward to checking in with you for the next part of your virtual travels soon!

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Three camels against a pink night sky