We all love to travel and explore rich histories and landscapes across the world, but we're not always able to... (Or, we end up in a global pandemic, and in lockdown!).

So at Islamic Relief, we thought we would bring the world to you instead, or at least some of it...

We have put together a set of journeys of specific distances for you to take at your own pace, in your own time and in your own locality.  

As you travel the distance of the journey you're on, you will receive emails containing podcast recordings and images about the journey you are virtually taking.  

The podcasts are designed for you to listen to learn about the landscape and history of what you would have seen during your travels, should you have been exploring that area in person. 

How it works

The first thing you need to do is to register on the journey that you want to take. Once you register, you will link your fundraising page, which is created automatically during registration, to Strava, which is an app that tracks physical activity.

Once you're all set up, grab your trainers, start-up Strava on your phone and begin walking, jogging or cycling (or however you choose to complete your distance). Strava will track your distance as you're doing your activity.

As you hit certain distance-based milestones per journey, you will be sent an email with your journey update containing the podcasts for the distance you have travelled. There will be 3 emails like this sent to you and the distances at which you receive these emails will differ journey to journey.

Whilst you're journeying through virtual lands, you will also be using your fundraising page to raise money to provide water for life for communities across the world. To find out more about the cause, click here.

Don't let money (or a pandemic) stop you from exploring! Sign up today and begin your virtual explorations!